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    Our Expertise

    We’re experts in software repair and maintenance, regardless of your app scale or industry.
    With SubcoDevs, you can rest assured to be getting the best app maintenance services.

    Focus On Quality

    We have 8+ years of experience under our belt, so you know your software is in capable hands. We can work on any software, fix bugs, update OS, deploy new features, and offer a wide array of services to assist you.

    Maintenance Made Easy

    Failing to get things done due to underlying issues? Do not know how to get your software sorted without dismantling it? We will help you figure out the issue, resolve it, and offer quality maintenance services for your app’s longevity. 

    Not Restricted to One OS

    Our expert software repair developers can work on any operating system without a dip in quality. With us, you can keep up with every App Store update, be it from Google or Apple. 

    A Blend of Care & Skills

    When we take charge of your product, we take complete ownership of everything that happens further. This is one reason that each software repaired by us, speaks for itself.  

    Your Satisfaction, Our Responsibility

    Having invested almost a decade in the industry, we value our customers above everything. That’s why we facilitate absolute transparency in communication. From our first call to the final product modification, we ensure that you are satisfied at every step of the way. 

    Branch Offices’ Contact Details


    PHONE: +1 (916)822-7511
    ADDRESS: 901 H St Ste 120, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA


    PHONE: +1 (916)822-7511
    ADDRESS: 205-2975, Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5T4